The need for Customer Survey A company performance in the market can be gauge by how customers behav

Customers are the best people to tell the truth of your product or service.  Financial reports or status reports can be distorted, it is not the most accurate information a manager would get.  The most accurate answers are those coming straight from your customers feedback.

Customer survey should not be given to those customers who are no longer doing business with the company. Those who had  bad experience in the past would certainly not be truthful of their answers.  They may also not be interested in particiapating to the survey at all due to their dissatisfaction.  Customer survey is done in order to find out what your current customers think of your service. Customer survey can be done either by phone or survey form.

Your perspective of your performance maybe different from what your customers perceived.  Customer survey can help your company change your customer’s view about your service.  Your business success lies on how you satisfy your customers.  It is important that companies are able to retain their existing customers and look forward to new customers.


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