The Need for ISO 9000 Lead Auditors

Who are ISO 9000 Lead Auditors? ISO 9000 lead auditors are trained to audit suppliers and facilities both outside and inside organizations. They are often referred to as second second-party auditors (external auditing of suppliers), and third-party auditors (external, independent auditing). Lead auditors differ from internal auditors in a way that the former can audit its own organization and can still audit other organizations, whereas the latter is only limited to auditing the internal systems of its organization.

What Can They Do? ISO 9000 lead auditors should have the knowledge and skills to be able to make plans and prepare for an internal audit assessments and reports. He should have the expertise to evaluate whether the companies are conforming to the implementation of ISO 9000 standards. Aside from this, they should be able to make improvements on the management system such as suggesting corrective ways. Who Should Become ISO 9000 Lead Auditors? Managers, auditors, consultants, engineers and other professionals involved with the planning, conducting, managing quality management systems audits to ISO 9001:2000 Standard. Audits covered include first, second and third party.

There are various training being offered for ISO 9000 lead auditors. These trainings are for those who want to provide assistance to companies implementing or changing their ISO 9000 quality system. These can also be for those who want to assist in the development of an audit system. These can also be for those who are already first and second auditors who are willing to improve their skills and learn more. And for those who are interested to become a professional quality system auditor. An ISO 9000 lead auditor is a dynamic and rewarding career for those who are interested to take this as a profession.

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