The Need for ISO 9001 Document Control

For ISO 9001 to proceed, one must ensure that there is some form of document control of the entire procedure. This is simply a part of (well, a highly important part of, that is) the updates standards specifications of ISO 9001, which also requires to have a quality policy and maintain quality objectives, not to mention a quality manual and documented procedures. The need for document control will also stem from the fact that there is a requirement for specific documents that are also identified in the standards of the ISO 9001, not to mention other seemingly important documents that are needed to ensure the more effective process planning and operation functions.

The ISO 9001 document control function is part of the minimum procedures that are required by this updates ISO 9001 standard. The new standards make use of document control in order to determine what other additional documents are required, as regulated by the process approach and the systems approach that is the new viewpoint of documenting and managing quality.

As such, the company must be able to identify and document both individual and group processes (which are activities that have inputs and outputs) to be able to look to play the part of document control. ISO 9001 document control is also based on the quality management principles that underlie the requirements in the new set of standards that also imply that both control as well as synergy can only be reached through understanding and monitoring of the entire system.

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