The Need for Network Simulation through Boson NetSim CCNP

Do you have some worries that you are not that confident enough on what you have learned during your classroom trainings for the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification? Yes, this is the usual case of most individuals who were not given enough application exercises. A facilitator who focuses more on training discussions is not that bad after all, as learning the concepts and terminologies is needed for you to pass the four certification exams for CCNP. However, it would be best to transform these concepts into working actions so that students can understand better how the devices used in networking actually work. If the training institution that you are enrolled in does not provide this, then you have to look for another resource to test your knowledge and skills in networking. It is a good thing that the NetSim CCNP software can grant you just that.

The NetSim CCNP software is a product of Boson Software, LLC, a company that develops robust training solutions to today s IT industry. The NetSim CCNP software is very easy to use. It is almost similar to a game called  connect the dots  wherein you are provided a series of dots and your goal is to draw straight lines to form a complete figure. From the name itself NetSim, which means Network Simulator, the user will be given a chance to create and configure his or her own network with up to 200 available devices. You can definitely test the knowledge you acquired from training and simulate true networking through the NetSim CCNP software. 


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