The Need to Acquire for FCC WiMAX

FCC or Federal Communications Commission is an agency of the United States government that is responsible for regulating the non-Federal Government utilization of different radio spectra like television and radio broadcasting. It also involves with all the interests of the telecommunications like cable, wire, and satellite, and the international communications that may have originated or terminated in the US. Therefore, FCC is responsible for regulating the use of WiMAX in and to the United States. WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is another technology in telecommunications specially made to provide wireless transmission of information or data in many ways like point-to-point link or mobile access.

Any act or decision that involves the use of WiMAX inside the United States should first have consent from the FCC. For instance, the company famous for making processors, Intel, has to get consent from the FCC to use WiMAX technology for its experiment. This kind of consent is sometimes called only as FCC WiMAX. Fortunately, FCC has approved the use of WiMAX technology by the Intel for its experiment.

FCC WiMAX license should also be acquired first before a certain WiMAX product can be brought to the market. Example is the Pipeline Wireless, a Boston-based company, who made a WiMAX product. However, before the company was able to release the product and announce its availability, it has first to acquire the FCC WiMAX license. Without this, the company’s WiMAX products will be considered illegal and the company will certainly suffer legal consequences.

Another company, the Solectec has also able to release its product line of WiMAX broadband wireless after it has acquired FCC certification for the WiMAX. Included to the certification given by FCC are sets of limitations for the WiMAX products.

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