The New ECDL 2007 4.5 version

A candidate running on an XP operating system would have to use the latest ECDL version 4.5 XP.  The ECDL XP and the new 2007 4.5 ECDL version is the latest development of the ECDL.  It has been endorsed by the ECDL foundation and written by authorized ECDL trainers.  The new development is the level of knowledge required to pass the actual ECDL exam.

The ECDL 4.5 2007 version is broken into seven modules.  Each chapter provides the reader a walkthrough of the subject matter with the latest features that includes screenshots, examples, animations, instructions and pedagogical features and more.  All features were designed for those running on Windows XP.  The online training course is the very first to provide user with a guide in passing the exam in addition to the ECDL portfolio.

The ECDL 2007 4.5 version is an update to the ECDL 4.0.  It contains minor updates to align syllabus closely to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for IT users.  The Modules affected by the updates are the modules 1, 2 and 7 and are specific for UK users only.  The seven new modules under ECDL 2007 4.5 are as follows:
Module 1 – Use IT Systems Level 1
Module 2 – Operate a Computer Level 1
Module 3- Word Processing Software Level 2
Module 4 – Spreadsheet Software Level 2
Module 5 – Database Software Level 2
Module 6 – Presentation Software Level 2
Module 7 – Internet and Intranet Level 1
                   Emails Level 1

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