The New Generation of MCP Certification

It pays to be a certified in a career.  You get the advantage among those who are not.  A certification is a proof of your skills and expertise.  It is your weapon against your competitor when you apply for a job.  You are considered as one of the best.  You are labeled with distinguished skills.

To become a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is a pride.  You need to pass the examination to be a part of the Microsoft global community.  MCP certification has developed a new generation that is more specific and detailed as to the expertise that an expert would like to prove.  The new generations would allow professionals to showcase their skills as they see themselves fit.

The MCP certification has three types of series:

1.  Technology series.  This certification is given to
     professionals who have demonstrated in-depth
     knowledge and expertise in the broad range of
     specialized technologies.  Professionals who
     passed this examination are called a Microsoft
     Technology Specialists.  These professionals
     or specialist have the ability to implement, build,
     troubleshoot, and debug a particular Microsoft
     technology. 2.  Professional Series.  Cortication is obtained by
     professionals who have skills in design, project
     management, operations management, and planning,
    and contextual to job functions. 3.  The Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA). 
    Certification given to experts in IT architecture.
    This certification was built and is granted by the
    architect community. To qualify is to have passed the
    rigorous review by the Review Board, consisted of
    previously certified peer architects.

MCP Certificates are your key to success.  Obtaining a MCP and choosing the right series for you, will allow you to offer your services with reliability.

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