The New SQL Server 2005 DTS: Introducing the Server Integration Services as the New Transformation

DTS or the Data Transformation Service is one of the most reliable tools in the old SQL Server 2000 deployments.  With the introduction of SQL Server 2005 editions, the DTS application has been removed from the SQL Server.  However a new SQL Server 2005 DTS-type application replaced the old architecture.  It is now called by Microsoft as Server Integrated Services.  

The SQL Server Integrated Services or SSIS performs the tasks of the former SQL DTS.  The new data integration and transformation tool follows the basic architectural precept of the DTS.  However some basic improvements can be noticed especially in the import data functions.  The new integration tool simplifies the operation and can be performed on the interface of the SQL management studio.  From this interface, numerous data import and transformation operations can be initiated.

For users of SQL Server 2000, the stored data and information created using the DTS tool can easily be exported to a new deployment of SQL Server.  The integrative function of SQL Server 2005 will allow the automation of import operation to grab previous data sets and integrated into the new architecture.

This interface will be useful especially for companies upgrading their database platforms.  By having the capability to migrate data from DTS to SSIS, business intelligence mined over the years will not be lost.

Developers will not encounter difficulties in migration as the interface between the DTS and SSIS all have their familiar Windows look and designs.  Wizards are also available to facilitate the automation of data and business intelligence migration.

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