The New WiMAX Scanning Solution: An Effective Way To Improving Drive Test Functionality

Agilent Technologies is a highly productive and advanced technology company, which aims to providing various clients with appropriate electronic measurement solutions. Recently, the company has announced its newest software feature, particularly on handheld wireless measurements. The new software operates on WiMAX PC card’s E6474A network optimization platform resulting for a standard WiMAX PC card turned into a company’s smallest WiMAX scanning solution for enhancing or improving drive test functionality.

Consequently, the new method of operation is regarded by Agilent Technologies as considerably beneficial since it offers the most economic way of substantiating WiMAX coverage while simultaneously providing fundamental troubleshooting tasks—which are essential in assessing signal quality. The new procedure evidently benefits both network equipment manufacturers and engineer teams of wireless operators for RF measurements. Agilent Technologies also asserts that the combined functions of WiMAX PC card (CPE) and its E6474A network optimization platform leads for a successful operation of the new mode.

So, when a sole WiMAX CPE is operated, the CPE can be used either in two modes. These modes are: 1) scanning mode—provides assigned RF measurements with up to 10 channels; and 2) phone mode—default or standard in WiMAX CPE.

Generally, Agilent Technologies firmly believes that the newest WiMAX scanning functionality provides the subscriber device capability to be used as particularly assigned scanner. Evidently, this innovative scanning solution offers any wiresless industry with the smallest but most cost-effective solution for essential signal quality assessment and WiMAX coverage.

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