The Open Group Architecture Framework for a More Efficient Business Organization

A more efficient Information Technology or IT operation, a better Return of Investment or ROI and simpler procurement – these are all the benefits of The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF.

So what is TOGAF and how does it bring about these benefits to a business organization? As the name implies, TOGAF is maintained by the Open Group. Basically, it is an architectural framework which is an industry standard.  Any business organization which aims to utilize TOGAF for developing their IT architecture is free to do so. 

Consequently, the IT architecture of your business is essential for several reasons.  First, it helps you plan and manage your IT investment in such a way that your goals as a business will be met.  Second, the IT architecture specifically defines the building blocks of the information system that you have.  More importantly, it is a crucial part of a business strategy which provides a plan from which the information system can be implemented.

Now, the ADM or the Architecture Development Method is one of the most important components which define TOGAF. ADM provides the methods and processes used to create the components included in the architecture of an enterprise. 

Whether you are working for a private or public organization, you will find that TOGAF is extremely useful for a wide array of applications. Through it, you can have well-integrated business solutions and a clearly defined architectural interface. 

Finally, TOGAF reduces the complexity of the information system and it brings about an efficiently managed IT system. With all these benefits and more, why else will you not take advantage of TOGAF and all its applications?

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