The Operators in a Call Center

Operators in a call center normally work in the customer service department in an organization. The operator usually answers enquiries from the customers by telephone, SMS messaging, fax, email, and post. The work involves the selling of goods and services, and providing information and advice. The daily activities of a call center operator are to access and update the records of the customers and the computer database.  Call center operators work in a variety of organizations like mail order companies, financial institutions, Information Technology help lines, and advisory services. Experienced operators have extra duties like training new staffs, mentoring, call monitoring, and quality control. Working as a call center operator does not need any qualification although some employers prefer to set some qualifications like people with having confident approach in taking a call and having a very good telephone manner. When having an interview, the interview will usually include practical and also keyboard tests. Once the person starts working as a call canter operator, he will be given in-house training by his employer. He will train in telephone skills, procedures in data entry, and the knowledge on the product. He will be coached by a mentor when having his first live calls.
Being a call center operator is an interesting and difficult task. You have to deal with different clients and stay as pleasant as possible when tough times get into the scene. A call center operator must be patient and broad minded to become good and successful in his chosen job.


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