The Particulars of CCNA Test v1.2

CCNA is the acronym to refer to Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), a form of accreditation that is
granted to students who trained in the Cisco networking products. CCNA test v1.2 applies to the subject FWL
v1.2 (or Fundamentals of Wireless LANs.) This subject may be taught within a Regional Cisco Networking
Academy which may be an institution wholly-owned by Cisco Systems (the company that develops the CCNA
standards), or an educational institution (like maybe a university) that has become a partner of Cisco Systems
for educational or training purposes.

If you already have undergone training under the Cisco CCNA system, you may have that CCNA accreditation
accredited with the partner institution that serves as a Regional Cisco Networking Academy for academic units.
You may then have those academic units counted towards an academic degree. This is very valuable for
lesser-educated individuals like high school graduates who may need additional academic training aside from the
practical technical training they get under the Cisco CCNA system.

Basic computer skills are one pre-requisite of FWL v1.2 training which is considered an introductory course for
studies about wireless networks. Here, you will learn about proper design, how to go about planning then
implementation, operation and, of course, troubleshooting of various Cisco wireless solutions. Best practices in
technologies, security systems, and design are examined.

At the conclusion of FWL v1.2 training, the individual should have gained actual experience in set-up then
troubleshooting of a wireless LAN; products, technologies, and solutions based on the 802.11a and the
802.11b systems; Site Surveys; resilient design of a WLAN (with installation and configuration added); WLAN
Security based on SSID, WEP, LEAP, EAP, and 802.1x; and vendor interoperability strategies.

A student who passes the CCNA test v1.2 gets accreditation in the Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist


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