The PMP Exam Preparation Kit—Still Making PMP News

PMP news all over the world is now talking about a breakthrough in PMP preparation, through the advent of exam preparation kits offered by PMP.

Since its inception last 2006, the exam preparation kit was the predecessor of all sample tests which are now proliferating the market. Ever since the PMP news, the exam kit has taken the PMP certification world by storm.

The kit offers reviewers a chance to be briefed through the use of a thousand different questions all spread out to cover the necessary processes of project management. It also includes five different mock exams as well as the breeze of revision through 180 quick notes. The kit also offers useful tips and tricks which can help the taker on the day of PMP certification exam.

It was on every PMP news because primarily, it was approved by the PMI. It is also a highly interactive software which users can easily manipulate and navigate through. A virtual mentor can also assist users while they try to go about the use of the software. Quick FAQ’s are also easy to access within the program.

In partnership with Whizlabs, the PMP exam preparation kit has been launched. Whizlabs has always been known to efficiently accomplish the task of producing certification preparation materials for reviewers. They specialize in the field of software development. Since the PMP only wants the best for their reviewers, partnering with Whizlabs is definitely the best choice.

And ever since its creation, the exam preparation kit still continues to make PMP news and become regarded as the forefather of all PMP sample tests which then followed suit.

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