The Process before the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam

If one wants to be a certified software tester, then taking the ISTQB Foundation Level exam is the first step closer to that. Being a software tester is a tough job that requires proper knowledge and skills. Not everyone can be a certified software tester but everyone can definitely try and take the ISTQB Foundation Level exam.

The ISTQB Foundation Level exam is administered by the International Software Testing Qualification Board. This is a group of about 27 international testers and professionals who are responsible for creating the ISTQB Foundation Level exam. Before taking this, one can have trainings with the ISTQB. Over 30 countries have special trainings for ISTQB. These trainings are all administered and accredited by the same group. After training, taking the exam may follow.

There is no pre-requisite involved for ISTQB Foundation Level exam. ISTQB Glossary of Testing Terms as well as an overview of the ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus can be freely downloaded for review. One needs to pay $250 for the application and exam. After paying, he can now download the ISTQB Foundation Level sample exam. There is a form that needs to be filled-up where the examinee will determine the date he desires to take the test. The ISTQB group will send him a return letter with the location and time where the ISTQB Foundation Level exam will take place. These forms are all in PDF format so the examinee should have Adobe Reader to read the files.

After passing the ISTQB Foundation Level exam, the examinee can advance to the next level, the ISTQB Advanced Level.

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