The proof is in the pudding

Supplier Selection is a difficult and often time consuming task to ensure that value for money and quality of service is obtained….

What makes it even more difficult is when you deal with suppliers, you are rarely able to compare apples with apples. – unless it is a specific product.

Our experience has shown that while value for money is a major consideration, ensuring that you receive quality of service is the “Warranty” ., so to speak.  Because cheaper is not always better!

As a supplier, we are often asked what is our “warranty” (ok –they may not use that word, but …) and proudly we can say that our warranty is our pass rates –and we proudly publish these on our website and in our marketing material…

How many other IT service education companies proudly promote their pass rates and participant feedback…

The proof is in the pudding! –

Till next time from the Team at The Art of Service



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