The Proper Management Of Change

Change will always be constant whether you are an individual or an organization.  It does not matter whether it is a minor change or a major one, what is important is the proper management of change so that there is less resistance and more involvement.

There are many approaches in the management of change.  Although there is no perfect approach, it is still very important that an effective change management be planned and specific programs be designed to address employee concerns and fears.  Many companies now offer an integration of different change management models in their programs in order make the transition easier. 

All change managers know that the transition period is the most critical and sensitive part of the management of change because this is where new ideas, technologies and processes are introduced to the individual for the first time.  If this introduction is not planned and managed well, employee morale and productivity could suffer.

The importance of managing the transition period is crucial because this is the part where employees will also begin to ask questions on where they will be upon the completion of the project or whether they will be replaced or retrenched or will they be able to adapt to it successfully.

Reaching out to and motivating employees in order to address their fears and concerns will help the company in the proper planning and management of change.  Communication is important because this is where the company can explain in detail the urgency of change in the organization.

A good management of change means a good management of transition.  The organizations goal of changing the current state to the future desired state can only be realized if all employees are motivated to move in the company’s direction.


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