The Properties of MARC Metadata

In this digital and high technology that we have, there are concepts like metadata that are seemingly very confusing and difficult to understand; however, as these concepts go along with the current trend in the industrial development, these concepts become more involved in the process, resulting to familiarity with the concepts.

Some of the terms that are practically generating more confusion to people are the words metadata combined with MARC metadata. For clarity, the MARC metadata along with FGDC and the Dublin Core Metadata are all types of the metadata process.  The MARC metadata is a cataloging metadata that is being used widely, specifically in bigger University Libraries.  MARC metadata stands fro Machine Readable Cataloging which makes use of a different database schema for individuality purposes. 

Many of the big university libraries that we have nowadays are either using the MARC metadata or the Dublin Core metadata type.  The MARC metadata type is known for its strong capabilities to adapt itself with metadata mapping which makes it easier for the users to easily locate and search for the data or record that they wish to have.  This kind of a feature is very well needed and is necessitated by institutions which have a bigger volume of data and records to maintain and manage. 

The Machine Readable Cataloging has been in existence in the early days but has not been fully developed just until recently.  With the evolution of metadata concepts, there seems to be a better future for the MARC metadata. 

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