The Purpose of the ISTQB Study Guide

For anyone who is so serious in taking and passing a certification or an examination resorts to having a study guide in order to make sure that the whole process of the examination becomes an easy and relax ordeal.  A study guide allows a person who is taking the examinee to have a virtual help in times when he encounters questions that are difficult to handle.  This is also true for people who are taking the ISTQB or the International Software Testing Qualification Board examination. 

A study guide in ISTQB does any of the following things for the examinee:

a. It helps the examinee outline in his or her way the things he needs to review, thereby making it easier for him or her to recall things during the examination.
b. It gives the examinee a sense of knowing things by merely having these points emphasized and stresses on his or her study guide. 
c. It allows him to have his comfortable ways of recollecting ideas and concepts by freely structuralizing these concepts on his or her study guide. 
d. It aids the person to create a visual representation of all the things that he has included on the study guide that he created. 

Although there is no scientific or psychological explanation that can vouch the above written benefits of having the study guide, however, these are some of the experiential benefits that have been explicitly mentioned by those people who created and used a study guide.

There are more substantial benefits that can be derived from having a study guide.  The ones that were cited above were just some of the more prominent ones. 

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