The QA Manager: The IT Project Management Action Figure

A very important factor in any IT project management is making sure that the output of
the project is within the specifications it aims to deliver.  Quality Assurance or QA is the
universal term used to denote quality management, policy and control in order to assure
the client that the software will be according to the required specifications.  The QA
manager is responsible for the entire process of the software development which will
include the review of documents, source codes, configurations, testing and
implementation of the software.

In an IT project management, the QA manager has several roles to fulfill.  Aside from
monitoring and controlling the software development, the QA manager also has to keep
track of department resources in order to ensure that budget approvals and company
finances are properly disbursed.  He has to clearly enforce, revise, communicate and
educate the team on the IT requirements of the client and make sure that follow-ups and
identified problems are addressed immediately.  Basically, the QA manager is an action-
oriented manager for the IT project management.  The IT project management team is
dependent the QA manager’s reports and analysis of the software production.

Since the QA manager’s goal is to achieve and assure that the quality control system is
being followed in the IT project, quality planning is very important in the planning
activity of the IT project management.  Measurable quality control criteria should be
clearly established well into the planning stage up to the software’s development stage so
that quality reviews can be exercised all throughout the IT project management’s life
cycle.  This ensures the client of product quality through the proper IT management.

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