The Real-World SOA Microsoft Approach

Microsoft believes that service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions ought to be
applicable in real-world situations to be effective. Microsoft calls this the real-world
approach, which differs from the traditional IT industry practice of creating a vast
enterprise-wide infrastructure that is very risky and heavy to implement.

The real-world SOA Microsoft approach prioritizes identification of the need or problem of
the client company which requires a real-world SOA solution, so that the Microsoft IT
specialists can focus on providing a specific SOA solution to a specific problem first.
Later, these IT specialists can expand the reach of their SOA solution through broader

Microsoft has been pursuing this type of SOA solutions creation approach for over seven
years now. The advantage with the Microsoft approach is that IT specialists do not create
SOA technology for the sake of creating technology, so the client company only pays for the
solution provided at each stage of implementation. With incremental gains comes incremental
savings resulting to incremental success for both the client company and Microsoft itself.

The reason the traditional approach is not used by Microsoft client companies is because it
does not permit clients to stay flexible to meet challenges in their respective industries.
Using the traditional approach means having to adapt to a very complex system structure
which taxes the resources (manpower and otherwise) of the client company so that they
become slow to react to future real-world situations where their core competencies are
required. The Microsoft approach creates less need for adaptation to the IT SOA for the
client company and their personnel, which is why it is more appealing to them.


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