The Realities on the Enterprise Architect Job

An enterprise architect is a practitioner of enterprise architecture; this is a discipline in information technology that manages in large enterprises. Surely, many are wondering about the real essence of an enterprise architect especially about the fact of the enterprise architect job.

Usually, the question that runs in the people s mind is the existing difference from the roles of the enterprise architect to the other roles performed inside the enterprise. The following are the important job functions of the enterprise architect:

Basically, the enterprise architect leads to the creation of the:

" Strategy of the KeyCorp Architecture

The enterprise architect plans, leads, and organize the updates of the key strategy about the architectural pillars. Included in this job are the collaboration, understanding, and direction with different leaders in technology, finding the solutions to resolve inconsistencies of direction, and supplying ideas on the ideal areas to invest.

" Strategy on the Governance Model and Technological Domain The enterprise architect plans, leads, and systematize the maintenance of the standards on the key technology. This involves the understanding on the business strategies including the directions and alliances with other technology leaders.

" Technological Standards

The enterprise architect plans, leads, and organizes renews and continuance of the principles about the technological area.  The enterprise architect communicates all of these standards to the other member of the group. Also, this involves the responsibility that necessitates detailed analysis regarding the corporate standard on potential technologies.
" System on Roadmap Function

The enterprise architect plans, leads, and arranges the creation of the roadmap systems and communicates these as well to the other members of the group. Similarly, this involves the understanding of the business strategy. By applying this, the enterprise architect is expected to employ the strategy to the different lines of business.

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