The Reason to Clear Metadata Entries

To create information about a certain information—that is the primary purpose of metadata. With metadata, everyone who uses a certain media or information will understand better its characteristics as well as management usefulness. Metadata is very important for a very effective data management. The use of metadata may vary depending on context and type but it still works for the same purpose—to provide information about certain data. So, why do some people would want to clear metadata entries?

In today’s digital world, having a single data does not just having one data since there are metadata behind these data that adds more information about them. The added data may be helpful for the user. However, it may also be harmful for some users. For example, sending a Microsoft Word document from a confidential party would mean that the file should have no other information regarding the sender. However, because there are metadata within that file, the receiver may retrieve some information about the sender like the user of the computer where it was created, the data of creating the file, and so on. To achieve confidentiality of the file, the sender should make sure to clear the metadata entries first before sending the file. This is also true to other types of digital files.

Now, how can the sender clear the metadata entries in a certain file? Actually, the process depends on the software application and the type of file. But certainly, all software applications today have this tool where the user can edit and even clear the metadata entries within a certain file. The process is just easy but the step-by-step procedure may vary.

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