The Report for Configuration Management

The studies done to identify the performance and the effectiveness of the processes and tools done and used in Configuration Management must be documented and reported. Reports are usually done to detail the work carried out by a particular organization to provide assessment and evaluation of the present level of maturity of the process, the integration that must be done to each of the processes, the risks and the changes encountered during the development of the process or the project, and the application of process of Configuration Management within the organization. Good reports are achieved by getting in touch with a number of industries and organization that can help do the report and feed some information needed in the report. Also, making a contact with the people involved in the project or process helps identify the present practice done for Configuration Management and make a comparison with the other good practices that are found within the other parts of the industry or organization. Some reports draw upon the expertise of the organization and recommend the next steps that it should take to integrate the current processes implemented.

A report that is submitted to the authorized person or to the president of the company must contain all the needed information and must be readable. Make it as presentable and as readable as possible and make sure that the content is understood by anyone who will read the report. Some companies usually hire individuals who are experts in making such reports.

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