The Requirements for the Manager Call Center Position

If you want to become a Manager of a Call Center, you should do your research first about what that kind of job really entails  that way you are fully prepared for your future duties, with as few surprises as possible.

One of the biggest problems with preparation, though, is that there is presently no educational institution that provides a Potential Manager with the pre-employment training that she would need. You usually cut your teeth while doing on-the-job duties. The experience you get from actual call center situations is the best preparation you will ever get for the multi-faceted job of a Call Center Manager.

The nice part is, if you have considerable experience in pre-management positions leading up to the Manager Call Center position, that may eventually attract the attention of head hunters who may later offer you the prized position. The problem is, though, the compensation should be the last thing you consider when they dangle the offer to you.

A Manager Call Center position requires an understanding that up to 70% of the time, the call center will be beset by People-related Issues. The remaining 15% requires an awareness of how to solve CTI Issues, another 15% devoted to Management Issues, and the last 5% would be about external issues. In turn, a potential Manager should be prepared to identify her Purpose, Product, Customers, Duties, and Skills. If not, the Manager will wind up in the dust heap, forgotten, as another more capable Manager is selected to take her place.

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