The Risks A Change Management Consultant Faces From His Own Clients

You usually associate clients as being necessary for your change
management consultancy business to prosper – after all, no
consultancy can survive if there are no clients. But did you know
that a change management consultant can suffer harm from the clients

Here is how a client (and his representatives or subordinates) can
sabotage the efforts of a change management consultant to initiate
and establish an effective change management program in the client

First, all seems proceeding normally – the change management
consultant is hired, he identifies the causes of problems that crop
up when the changes are being initiated, and proposes a program that
will resolve this situation so that the changes can be properly
carried out (and hopefully the change management consultant can then
move on to his next client.)

However, the client (or his subordinates) surprisingly will not react
positively to the progress that the change management consultant is
making. On the contrary, they may seem offended, and perhaps be even
downright hostile, after the change management consultant has
proposed his solution. What happened between hiring the change
management consultant and when the consultant came up with an
effective solution?

What the change management consultant may not have expected is that
the client and his managers and other subordinates may have realized
that either a) they could have thought up this solution proposed by
themselves; and/or b) they feel that the change management consultant
places them in a bad light as members of management by being able to
come up with a solution to the problems.

Whichever holds true, the poor change management consultant is placed
in an uncomfortable situation. To resolve this, the consultant may
opt to leave after proposing his solution so the client and his
people can implement it themselves (which thus puts these members of
management in a good light again since they seem like the heroes in
the situation to the unwary.)

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