The Road to Becoming a Call Center Manager, Supervisor and Group Leader

Working in a call center is such an exciting career and the path to reaching the top of the corporate ladder is not as hard as it may seem. There are a lot of call center agents who reach the manager, supervisor or team leader status in just barely a year. Pretty amazing isnt it? However, it takes a lot of discipline and self management skills to get there.

First, you need to develop good communication and negotiation skills. This is the number requirement in making good calls. Maintain a very friendly but convincing approach when interacting with customers.
Next, you should learn how to maximize your time. Proper time management is essential to learn how to prioritize and control over your daily activities. You also need to deal with interruptions wisely. Such interruptions may include co-employees and other factors that can hinder you from carrying out your day to day workloads and delivering desired results. Being organized will definitely put some limitations in doing unnecessary work behaviors.

You also need to keep your self motivated. You can do this by giving yourself a time line in reaching your goal and by enumerating certain activities that will lead you there. You also need to adjust to certain changes, and learn how to adjust and embrace them by keeping your goals in mind.

Being proactive is also one thing that you should develop. You should do things that are not really expected of you like doing skills transfers to your co-employees and sharing best practices in making an excellent call.


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