The role of change management ticketing in ITIL

Change management is a process deliberately carried out by organizations so that they will succeed in making immense changes. When the organization is able to manage changes in a positive manner, this makes waves within the organization that should help it reach its objectives. The ability of the organization to handle these planned changes will affect every employee.
Implementation of the change management methods can be very disruptive to the daily activities of the organization. Discipline is required for standard operating procedures and methods to be applied well, which in turn assures prompt and well-organized handling of requests for change (commonly called RFCs). Discipline can reduce the impact of all change-related incidents as far as quality delivery of service is concerned.
Problems incurred within management of change
Downtime can be the result when a service provided by IT personnel is affected by change management. This causes a big business problem, yet changes are often necessary so that the business can improve on and perhaps increase the number of services that it provides. These processes are usually needed because future changes have to be controlled  particularly those changes that are newly introduced to the IT environment – to minimize disturbance to the service functions and capabilities.
When change management is being instituted, there is a remarkable focus on the accomplishment of system pre-recording and tracking of RFCs. These are accomplished with the use of a simple web-based database, or help desk ticketing application. The challenges start with the identification of unmanaged and high-risk changes that are to be conveyed under the control of the CAB (or Change Advisory Board.)
This technology is needed to ensure that the change management procedure is not to be circumvented and will give the administrators the exact level of access to accomplish their given work. At the same time, limits are imposed for regulating internal policies.

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