The Role of Enterprise Architects in Business Operations

In a certain organization, you will definitely bump into a lot of different people, colleagues that you collaborate with to perform tasks on a daily basis. If you work as an enterprise architect, then you will definitely submit reports or work closely with business analysts, systems analysts, project managers, software architects, IT administrators and CIO s among others. It is because as an enterprise architect, you are an advocate of change: designing, planning and building strategic actions that will definitely improve the way business operations are being done in a large enterprise. With the right tools in place and technologies to make things happen, the role of an enterprise architect is one of the many critical job positions that are often considered as challenging, yet rewarding at the same time.

Like any other architect, enterprise architects also make drawings of a certain process. However, they are more like business planners. They are the ones that provide the roadmap on how things should flow but will also involve themselves into certain activities that will potentially allow both the business and IT strategies work well with each other. With a lot of IT solutions to make business operations run as smoothly as possible, it is also the role of enterprise architects to make certain that these are aligned with the company objectives. To deliver a working strategy that will support the most secure and efficient IT environment, enterprise architects should team up with several key people within the organization and drive consistent approaches across the enterprise. This will not only result to a consensus-based enterprise solution, but it will also make way in prioritizing other deliverables to meet or even exceed market demands and expectations.

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