The Role of human Resource Management in Change

The function of the Human Resource Management or HRM includes different activities, and it’s main duty is to decide what staffing needs the organization have and the choice of using independent contractors or just hire employees to workout on the needs, accepting and training the best employees, making sure that they perform well. HRM also deals with the issues about the performance of the personnel an ensuring that practices in the management conform to the different regulations.

Their duty is also to manage the organization’s approach regarding the benefits the employees and their compensation, the records of the personnel and the employee policies. There has been a long-standing argument about the related functions of The Human Resource. Should it be organized for large organization? The Human Resource department in today’s businesses and organization is playing a major role in staffing, training, and managing people in order for the business organization to perform up to its peak capability in a fulfilling manner.

Human Resource Management for change processes had served EXECUTIVES AGENDAS very well, but was viewed as a block by some organizations. The HR professional, who is needed by the line managers, is a partner, an employee sponsor, and a change mentor. To guarantee the ability to contribute and the viability of an organization, an HR manager for change must think of himself as a strategic partner. The role of a strategic partner is to contribute to the achievement and the development of the change in an organization’s business plan and its objectives.


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