The Role of the CMM Inspection Service

It is at CMM Level 3 where standards in the processing of software development and maintenance are well defined, laid out and documented.  In processing, it is important that constant review and test be done. Process may seem to work well at start, but eventually problem starts to occur and you just cannot wait until it happens.  Deficiencies or weaknesses in the process would need to be adjusted once discovered.

Your maturity level would have to be inspected.  Certified teams from the SEI will determine your company’s level of maturity. Prior to this, you may need a CMM inspection service team to perform review and test of your software work product.  The purpose of having a CMM inspection service is to remove defects from software product worked on as early as possible and efficiently.  CMM inspection services upon review of the standards should have a thorough understanding of the software work products and form prevention guides for defects not to recur.  Methodical examination should be conducted by verifying if the work meets the defined specifications. The CMM inspection service is planned.  Included in the inspection is the review of codes and structured walkthroughs.  The ultimate goal of the CMM inspection service is to find out the defects in the software work products and eliminate the defects. The early detection of defects saves the company from leakage and rework.  It is for the CMM inspection service to inform other groups immediately of the defects and removal of such to avoid the continued practice or use of the process.

Make it’s a regular routine to have a CMM inspection service check on your software work products.  Build that customer trust, an accurate, reliable and maintainable software product is your key to the next level of maturity.

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