The Roles of Enterprise Digital Architects in Strategic IT Designs

With the institution of Web 2.0 technologies for most information architecture designs of enterprises, the role of digital architects have become more pronounced.  Although the information systems designs are primarily being crafted by corporate and IT planners, enterprise digital architects will play a leading role in its implementation.

Specifically, digital architects will be critical in the design of hardware requirements and the applications systems that will make it run.  As companies design their IT strategies, digital enterprise architects will input the necessary transformation tools so that the entire corporate IT strategy can be implemented.  Part of the transformation process is the alignment of IT architecture with the long term business goals of the company.  This means that as the plans and strategies roll out of the board room, it is up to the skills of the digital architects to make the strategy a reality.

Another critical role that enterprise digital architects will lay is the reengineering process for such IT transformation.  Modern companies today have existing IT sectors or IT deployments.  Naturally, companies have existing standards, applications, and hardware that need to be re-tooled.  These existing infrastructures should be reengineered in order to complement the new IT strategy.  In doing so, the existing IT assets of the company can be used for greater productive purposes.  And digital architects will be the ones responsible for the critical reengineering process.

Enterprise digital architects are very important in building a company’s IT infrastructure.  They provide critical technical support and expertise so that the strategic information goals of the enterprise can be realized.

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