The Rules and Regulations: The Service Level Agreement Governance Policy

In a basketball game, all players are governed by the rules and regulations that have been set forth by the league. Failure to follow any of these conditions simply means “You are out of the ball game.” In school premises, specifically the library, there are also certain rules and regulations that should be followed such as securing a library card to gain access to the library and look for any book to borrow, and returning the borrowed book on a specific time frame. If in case you have missed to return the book on time means that you should be paying a fine to the library staff. To pass and go to the other end of road, one should look at the traffic sign. Red is Stop, Green is Go and Yellow is Wait. Or else, a traffic jam is sure to follow. Life is governed by a lot of rules and regulations and these simply outline what our duties and responsibilities are.

The same concept goes for creating a service level agreement or SLA. These are like the rules and regulations that the service provider and the client should follow on the duration of the contract. A well written SLA should define the boundaries in terms of the services that the provider will give to its customer, the volume of work accepted and delivered plus the metrics in gauging the performance of the provider as well as the responsibilities of the customer. It is very important that both parties should understand completely the terms and conditions of the SLA so as to avoid conflicts and be governed by it to form lasting relationships.


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