The SAP SOA Platform


SAP (Systems Application and Products in Data Processing)
was founded in 1972.  It is the
recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all
industry types and every major market. SAP is the largest European software
company and is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany.  It is also the third largest independent
software provider in the world and ranks after Microsoft, IBM and Oracle in
terms of market capitalization. With regard to revenue, SAP is the leading
business application and Enterprise Resource Planning solution software


Products from SAP focus on ERP, which it helped to
pioneer, and MySAP ERP is the main product of this company. Companies that want
to respond quickly to the changing business requirements require an IT
landscape that provides greater flexibility. This flexibility is delivered by
SAP through several platforms. Enterprise service-oriented architecture
(enterprise SOA) is one such platform. 
This is a blueprint for a versatile, adaptable and open IT architecture
for developing services-based enterprise-scale business solutions. With SAP
NetWeaver as a technical foundation, enterprise SOA moves IT architectures to a
high level of compliance. It also moves companies closer to the vision of
real-time enterprises. Elevating Web services to an enterprise level does this.
Enterprise service is a Web services series that is combined with business
logic that is accessible and used repeatedly to support a specific business
process. With the help of enterprise SOA and SAP NetWeaver, you can evolve a
technology that supports your business into a strategic platform. 


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