The Scope of CCIE R&S

The CCIE certification exams are composed of different subspecialties. This is because the CCIE is the most privileged form of certification because of the scope it covers. As such, it would really be hard for anyone to develop an intensive knowledge of Cisco. To make matters easier for test takers, the CCIE has been further divided to subspecialties to correspond to the person s preferences. One of the popular categories of CCIE is the CCIE R&S.

The R&S in this category also stand for  Routing and Switching.  The main purpose of R&S is to provide a network an expert level understanding of how networking can be maximized by means of working across different interfaces of WAN and LAN procedures. It also makes use of various routers and relevant switches throughout the whole process.

Those who are CCIE R&S respectively are expected to be able to troubleshoot complex problems involving vast connectivity systems. Being certified in CCIE R&S makes an individual responsible for maximizing bandwidth in the system as well as supporting the global applications of the entire system. In case various problems should arise, a timely response can be given. Apart from Cisco-hosted maintenance, CCIE R&S also helps perform necessary upgrades and installations related to the entire network connections.

If one wishes to undergo a certification especially geared towards CCIE R&S, necessary preparations both theoretically and in actual performance must be done. Sometimes, networks may not always follow in accordance to what written manuals and guides may say. Networks and connectivity problems may still arise unexpectedly. As such, CCIE R&S also requires creativity and being able to troubleshoot across all types of problems.

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