The SCORM Metadata Through Time

Metadata goes beyond presenting data about data in any sort of media. Metadata is also manifested in file of a content package generally referred to us as repositories. SCORM on the other hand which means Sharable Content Object Reference Model is used in e-learning which is clearly supported by the Web.

More so, SCORM is a collection of specifications and standards of communication that involves the client side content and a host system. The host system which is also called as the runtime environment belongs to learning management system. The runtime environment of SCORM metadata also takes part in indentifying how content package is converted into a ZIP (a data compression format) file.

The Advanced Distributed Learning or ADL consortium mainly identifies SCORM functions in e-learning. In fact it even bears the sanction of the Office of the United States Secretary of Defense.

There are actually several SCORM versions yet SCORM 2004 differs from the rest because it has introduced an intricate idea that is called sequencing. This sequencing involves a set of rules that the learner needs to learn in practicing content objects. In the same year, 2004, the US Department of Defense has made a directive that e-learning purchases are obliged to correspond with the SCORM standards.

Finally, to see the development of SCORM metadata versions here is the list that is arranged accordingly to its timeline:
– Executive Order 13111 launched in January 1999
– SCORM Version 1.0 launched in January 2000 
– SCORM Version 1.1 launched in January 2001
– SCORM Version 1.2 launched in October 2001 
– The First Edition of SCORM 2004 launched in January 2004
– The Second Edition of SCORM 2004 launched in July 2004
– The Department of Defense Instruction Edition launched in June 2006
– The Third Edition of SCORM 2004 launched in October 2006
– SCORM 2.0 (Web 2.0) launched in October 2009 

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