The Siebel Call Center – an Innovation in the Siebel Software

When the term outsourcing became a common term in many households, the terms call center have been set as equivalent.  Call center, as in the real call centers, are very costly to establish.  The infrastructure, the software to be utilized, the communication media that you have to set-up, the employees, the location, all of these shall spell great expense and sad to say great pain in the head when you want to set –up a call center. 

A call center is used primarily as an avenue to be of service to your customers.  This is the latest trend of customer service in the business industry.  However, when business process outsourcing or BPO came into existence, the “physical” establishment to set-up a call center became a least of the priorities. 

Siebel Systems thought that even when the outsourcing thing invaded the call center industry, the need for a much less company expense is needed.  This is the time that he was able to think about injecting the “virtual” call center on his array of inventions.  He then created a structure to fuse Customer Relationship Management with Call Center theories using the Siebel platform. 

The Siebel CRM On Demand a breakthrough Siebel release was modified which then included the Call Center feature on-demand.  With this new package that Siebel systems has released the capability of the business organization to attend to the customer service needs has been ironed out.  The interactive voice response which is the common channel used by many call centers and outsourced companies was included as a feature of the Call Center on Demand Siebel software. 

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