The Significance of Twitter ID and How to Change it When Necessary

With Twhirl Twitter everything about exchanging information the most convenient, most creative and fastest way is made possible. If you are not a member of Twitter yet, you might want to check it out.

Twhirl in Twitter is a desktop client that allows Twitter microblogging service. However, the extent of Twhirl’s participation to Twitter’s activities is extensive. The features offered by Twitter are also accessible on Twhirl apart from the numerous usability enhancements that have been included prior to other Twitter plugins and features.

Twhirl is an Adobe AIR platform-based. This means, Twhirl allows web development strategies to be employed in desktop applications creation. Also, Twhirl applications are run by Flash-based framework of Flex 3 that is also connected to Adobe. Twhirl as a social software desktop client highlights the following features:

1.    it can run on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista and MAC operating system X
2.    it can be connected to Multiple accounts like Twitter, Friendfeed, and among others
3.    it can generate notifications about the latest messages
4.    it can post images directly to TwitPic
5.    it offers various color schemes
6.    it can automatically acquire new versions
7.    it allows searching with the help of TwitterSearch and TweetScan
8.    it can be localized in other languages such as German, Spanish, and English among others

Apart from the mentioned features, Twhirl promotes enhancing and developing and this makes your Twitter experience more interesting and comprehensive. Finally, a long range for configuration options is already adopted to cater personal needs of the users.

For the record, each Twitter account requires a Twitter ID. If you want to locate your own Twitter ID you have to check the URL that contains the RSS feed for your Twitter account. During the earlier years of Twitter, users and members’ IDs were attributed in sequence. Therefore, tracking the entirety of the Twitter accounts that were created is in fact trouble-free.

But the popularity of Twitter continues to attract more and more users. The need for system change in generating Twitter ID arose and the changes were initiated in November 2006. However, such change resulted in loopholes among the Twitter IDs that were actually used. To make this simple, the result is equal to the Twitter ID created for a new account and the total figure of the Twitter accounts. However, the issue of the real number for Twitter accounts is still unknown to the users as per the decision of Twitter Inc. Due to this event, Twitter names that have spaces can not be used in registering a new Twitter account.

Changing Your Twitter ID

Your username ID in Twitter is as important as your identity. Your Twitter has the power to make you popular among other Twitter members. And if you are an online marketer, your Twitter ID will help your business grow even bigger. However, some unexpected events happen that require you to change your username.

And to change your ID, you have to login while you create a new account. Login happens at and then change the username. After that, you have to logout again and go back to your original account. Then, edit the /Rick_Butts and make it /rickbutts.

Afterwards, you have to logout and then immediately login for the third time. Finally, go back to the account where you want to have a new username. This is done by typing /rickbutts1 and by editing it to /Rick_Butts to make sure no other user can take the new username.

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