The Six Sigma Training and Quality Toolkit  Helpful Tools for Six Sigma Implementation

A lot of tools have been developed to make it easier for quality practitioners and professionals to understand better the various Six Sigma concepts and processes. This is just normal since getting out of an old system and acquiring a new one will definitely stretch your brain muscles to the limit. To help address some of the issues that envelopes the Six Sigma process, a revolutionary tool has been introduced to the market. It is called the Six Sigma Training and Quality Toolkit.

The Six Sigma Training and Quality Toolkit is packed with a lot of tools and training materials that Six Sigma professionals can use in carrying out their day to day work. With this bunch of resources that can help explain and simplify the methodologies of Six Sigma, it will definitely lead you to the right direction to the proper implementation of Six Sigma. Some of the tools that you can use are the following:

a) The Six Sigma Beginners Guide  gives a brief introduction of Six Sigma, including the principles and concepts behind it. b) The Six Sigma Calculator  generates results that will help you analyze the potential of the current Six Sigma process against lower quality levels. c) The Six Sigma Training Tutorial  an extensive document that entails everything that you need to know about Six Sigma. d) Requirements Template  eliminates the daunting task of creating a document to propose initiatives for process improvement. e) The Six Sigma Workshop Presentation  gives an overview of Six Sigma practices in through a detailed presentation that includes speaker exercises and notes.

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