The Six Steps of Business Process Improvement

For Business Process Improvement (BPI) to take place, a collaborative effort coming from both the management and its employees should be in place to ensure that significant changes that will be done in the system will create a huge impact on both the company and its customers in as far as the delivery of products and services are concerned. To realize this, BPI typically involves these six steps:

(a) Selection of process leaders and team members To get started, there is a need to select a competent group of goal-driven individuals whose skills match pre-determined requirements in carrying out a certain process. A team leader is either selected from this group or assigned by the management.

(b) Process analysis training To gain more knowledge about the process, the chosen members of the team will undergo skills enhancement training (e.g. documentation techniques, process analysis).

(c) Process analysis interview Experienced people working at the company can also be interviewed by the members of the process team to gather the needed information about process performance data and structure.

(d) Process documentation The collected data will then be used to draw a process map, which will serve as the basis for smooth integration of possible process improvement schemes within the system.

(e) Review cycle Once the documentation is done, the employees who will work on the process will then review the draft and reevaluate it as necessary.

(f) Problem analysis Anticipation of possible problems that may be encountered along the way should be prioritized and at the same time, derive countermeasures for continuous process improvement.

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