The Skills and the Responsibilities of an Enterprise Architect

The practitioners of Enterprise Architects are called Enterprise Architects, they delve on information technology or IT; an operative discipline that is used by big enterprises.

The role of Enterprise architects is to coordinate with stakeholders in both subject matter and leadership. They must create a view that is holistic about the strategy, information, processes and the information technology of the organization.

Enterprise Architects must make sure that the IT and the business is aligned. They do documentation by using multiple architectural models that depicts the future and current needs of an organization.

Enterprise Architects also plans about the long-term strategic responsibility of the IT system of the company.

They also promote applications and shared structure to minimize costs and to improve the flow of the information. They also ensure that there is no duplication of the projects.

The enterprise architects have interpersonal and leadership skills. They are excellent customer service provider. They are also good in management planning and organizational skills to create good projects and programs.

The aspiring Enterprise Architects must have a thorough knowledge of application, hardware, software, and systems engineering. They must also have an efficient and excellent time management and should be prudent in prioritizing things

The Enterprise Architects work hand-in-hand with the system analyst, systems architects, IT administrator, CIO, release deployer, project manager, project office, business analyst, application developer, software architect and business leads.

Enterprise Architects must have a top-level command, tools, formal structure and governance, and must be resourceful for them to become successful in working in large organizations.

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