The Skills That Should be Taught During IT Management Training

IT Management training hinges 80% of the time on operational expertise – meaning,
participants in IT Management training should gain technical knowledge and experience in
operations and finance. People skills will just require 20% of your capability, though that
does not mean it should be disregarded out of hand. You need all of this so that you come
up with a complete host of IT Management skills once training ends.

During training, you need to cover how to absorb skills in budgeting and forecasting, with
scheduling not far behind. The training should show you why it is important to finish a
project by the deadline and within cost constraints. The instructors must give examples and
ways to meet and resolve any challenges in the department and throughout the enterprise so
that the IT project is not stalled.

It is vital to learn how and why strategic decision making can relate to and affect IT
service management efforts. Quality management, team building, metrics setting and
measurement, and technology management are also crucial areas to cover in the training.

After the training, it should be clear to you what is the difference between reacting
pro-actively to change and just simply reacting.

The people in your organization who need IT Management training the most would be IT
specialists in databases, projects, help desks, systems and networks, IT service management,
and IT operations. This may include supervisors, managers, and top executives too because
they would be the ones concerned with balancing the need to meet project goals and
objectives while staying within profit parameters.


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