The Soa Saas Marriage of Convenience

Good software service providers should enable their applications through services oriented architecture in order to deliver suites of applications to multitude of users.  The soa saas combination is a marriage of convenience for the two technologies to deliver computer programs under a multi-tenant environment.

Early application services providers failed in their ventures to deliver saas because of issues involving software scalability and flexibility.  Back then, service providers deployed computer programs without foreseeing the necessary technological architectures needed to support the program.  The results were devastating when the ASP bubble exploded because it cannot meet the demands of the market.

New saas players have learned from this lesson and have integrated services oriented architecture as a building block of hosted software and applications.  This resolved the problem of software scalability and flexibility which are the main concern of the software market.  Today software services can be deployed seamlessly in multi-user, multi-tenant environments and the application can be used on different platforms.  The needed architecture is there to effectively host the delivery of the programs. 

The use of services oriented architectures also allowed saas enabled programs to have a little degree of customization and integration with other software solutions.  This sits well with the consumers which needed a software suite that can function on different environments and can communicate with other computer programs. 

The success of new saas providers can be attributed to the wise integration of software hosting to service architectures.  A saas provider could avoid the fate of ASP companies in the nineties if it builds its hosted applications on reliable service architectures.


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