The Start in Business of Every ECM Company

Before the enterprise content management became known, there were already companies providing solutions for different contents of organizations and companies. In fact, there are already some medium-sized independent vendors that may be classified into two. Those who provided document management solutions and added other enterprise content management solutions and those who started to provide web content management and later added other content management types. Among the ECM companies who involved with these are the Documentum, Interwoven, and Vignette.

The three companies are already competing on the ECM industry and made their names bigger and bigger through acquiring other companies. Things in the ECM business were quite consistent until the EMC Company acquired the Documentum and created a revolution on the content management business. EMC became the company that initiated a new content management category called Information Lifecycle Management. That was the beginning of bigger competition in the ECM market.

Competition in the ECM industry begun to take a big leap when IBM acquired the FileNet and the Oracle acquired Stellent. Open Text was never behind the progress when it purchased the Hummingbird. But the market was never at their hands when other bigger ECM vendors entered the scene like the Laserfische, Hyland Software, Microsoft Corporation, Saperion, and Xerox. Other ECM companies that were added to the list are the Ever-Team, WAVE Corporation, SunGard EXP, ColumbiaSoft, Objective Corporation, and the Xythos Software.

Among these many names in the ECM industry, Garner has come up with its so-called “market leaders.” These include the Oracle Corporation, IBM Corporation, EMC, and the Open Text Corporation.

For sure, this list does not stop the continuous growth of the ECM market. More and more companies providing ECM solutions will surely emerge as long as there is a big demand in the market.

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