The Story behind the World renowned software known as Drupal

Every man made creation has its own story to share and tell.  The story may be a simple anecdote about how the invention came into a world renowned thing of the present and modern days.  This same line of thinking is the similar experience that happened with the Drupal software – a now globally known and used web designing and content management tool.  

In the year 2000, when having an Internet connection that is permanently hooked was a highly priced thing for the students of the University of Antwerp, there were two students who are thinking about how they can share and extend their ideas and concepts on the Internet with a few other people.  With their genuine intelligence and creativity, they were able to connect the main modem connection from one place going to another place.  However, no matter how genius the whole plan was, something was practically missing with the plot – the ability to discuss the things that were placed on the Internet board.  

The missing thing with the plot prompted student Dries to come up with a web site that has integrated web board which will allow people to electronically leave a message for another person when he would want to.  This re-engineered plot became successful and was practically useful to everyone else.  This innovation did not at an instant have a name.  When it was time to launch the web board online a name to register it was missing.  So, student Dries thought of naming it as, however, due to some typing issues, the original name was typed and submitted as  In the year 2001, Dries made a decision to release in the market the software that made the whole  He released the software with a brand name Drupal.  This is the software name that has been dominating the computing industry for so long.

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