The Tail End of Prince2 Qualification

The reason why everyone is going for their Prince 2 qualifications is because of the number of benefits that one can get once you pass the Foundation and the Practitioner exams. But before we go into the high-paying jobs and the cushy workspaces that are part and parcel of Prince2 expert lives, we must first take into a look at the very thing that will determine your Prince2 qualifications: the Practitioner exams. You already know the basics and it will probably be enough for you to ace your Foundation test, but the percentage suddenly drops when it comes to the Practitioner exam. This is because some application is required, so no matter how much you memorize it will all be no good if you cannot put into action the sixty million terms that are currently swimming in your head.

As previously mentioned, the Prince2 Practitioner exam is the second of two tests that you must pass if you want to be a certified practitioner of Prince2 project management method. It aims to measure the candidate’s ability to apply Prince2 in the real project setting. It has always been established that would-be Prince2 experts exhibit their competence in action so as to determine their eligibility for such a title and the benefits that come with it. The test takers will need to show how they address the different problems and needs of the project. To be more specific, they will need to provide detailed explanations of all the processes involved in Prince2 project management, as well as the different techniques and components that come out in any type of Prince2 project. It may sound very hard or quite overwhelming, but one simply needs some experience in applying Prince2 and it will be quite easy to demonstrate their competencies in the end.


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