The Telemarketing Manager How to Lead Successful Call Center Operations

The world of telemarketing is making waves in the call center arena, introducing a more efficient way in doing marketing business. Though coupled with limitations as mandated by law (TCPA Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991) and Federal Trade Commission policies (Do Not Call Registry), still telemarketing techniques keep on evolving, finding new ways on how to increase customer satisfaction.

To lead a successful telemarketing operation, the company needs a very strong, sophisticated and experienced telemarketing manager to cope up with the challenges and guide the team on each effort to sustain high quality targets. Coming up with a telemarketing campaign needs full attention to ensure that every team member is equipped with the expertise needed in handling such calls. Telemarketing managers should keep themselves visible in the production floor to make their own evaluations. They can also make recommendations on how agents can improve their performance. Though conveying difficult messages is not easy at times, this is very crucial to ensure consistency and compel compliance to the call flow. They can also give out direct coaching tips to supervisors or team leaders if necessary.

In addition, a telemarketing manager can enforce training when needed. Training is always an on-going process and a careful evaluation on people who needs it is a must. Being a telemarketing agent, one must polish his or her communication skills. It is requirement to speak clearly on every call, while applying a friendly persistent approach to be able to bounce back from customer rejection. Training can definitely take part in honing such skill. Always remember that accomplishing desired results is the lifeblood of telemarketing and achieving this should start by placing the right people do the right job.

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