The Thomas Siebel Center

The Thomas Siebel Center for Computer Science is a building of learning that was built in the University of Illinois.  The project which was funded by Thomas Siebel himself amounted to a whooping $32 million.  In 2001, Thomas Siebel donated the said whole amount to his alma mater, University of the Illinois to build a structure that will house the research and development in the College of Computer Science and Engineering.  This brought the Thomas Siebel Center for Computer Science. 

The Thomas Siebel Center opened its doors to the university students and the public in the year 2004, that is three years after the pledge was given to the school.  The center that was structured was not only created to become the house of learning but more importantly, it was built to create opportunities to enhance the technological advancements in the school.  Likewise, it was created to be able to support any future researches and investigations that will help further the science of computers. 

The Siebel Center houses the latest and state of the art facilities.  It has the latest and most advanced wireless/wired communication technology in networking, high-end sensors and actuators, modern video captures and displays equipment, huge library that houses about 10,000 books and research materials in the field of computer science and engineering.

The Siebel Center was architectured by one of the famous architects in the United States and the whole European parts, Peter Bohlin.   Bohlin created a structure that will look very vibrant which basically calls on for collaboration. 

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