The Three Categories of BAs in Business Process Analysis

There are a lot of key people in the Business Process Analysis arena, wherein everyone is expected to drive at one single goal that is to cut costs while demonstrating wise use of company resources to better support customers. These special teams of individuals are also known as Business Analysts (BAs).

It is indeed true that the scope of Business Process Analysis is so vast that business analysts are given options to specialize in one of these three categories that constitute the scope of business analysis. These are the following:

(a) Strategists Business analysts under this category are more focused on developing strategic plans on a continuous basis. They are very well-versed in analyzing the profile of a certain organization and its environment. Coming up with such an analysis can serve as a recommendation for top level management with a comprehensive discussion of its effects on the policy decision-making process.

(b) Architects These types of business analysts are not focused on IT-related issues but of business process improvement (BPI) or reengineering. Architects possess hard and soft skills that are needed in the business redesign or improvement phase. Hard skills include business process modeling and soft skills consist of requirements engineering, stakeholder analysis and knowledge of the business.

(c) Systems Analysts The role of these types of business analysts is to better understand and define the requirements of IT systems to get the best returns out of these investments. The main focus of systems analysts is always into the IT-related part of the change process.

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