The Tools Used for Configuration Management

Software Configuration Management or SCM is a part of Configuration Management. It is a collection of activities that are designed to control and monitor the changes by first identifying the work product that are possible to change and building a relationship between this work products. SCM also includes defining all the mechanisms for managing and controlling the different versions of the work products and the changes that are imposed. The changes that have been made are eventually audited and reported. To simply define SCM, it is a kind of methodology that controls and manages the project for software development.

The implementers of SCM nowadays are challenged in dealing with the increase that is relatively minor under their control in the perspective of the complicated and complex systems that are now being developed. The objective of SCM is to generally identify, control, and review the status account of the configuration.

There are so many tools that can help assist configuration managers in their work. Some are manufactured by companies that are known globally in producing effective tools for Configuration Management. Some tools are advertised and purchased in the World Wide Web or www. One good tool for configuration management is Bazaar-NG which is a version control tool that is distributed for the next generation. Another tool is produced by AccuRev that includes source code management and issue tracking. There are a lot more tools like ARCAD Software, Clearvision CM, CM+, and many more that are produced especially for configuration management. Just be sure to get th one that fits the needs of the organization.

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