The Truth About ISTQB Exam Questions

In every exam you take you should prepare yourself in answering exam questions to get the highest probability of passing the exam. This same thing applies as somebody takes the chance of taking an ISTQB certification exam and of receiving the software-tester certification.

It is safe to say that ISQTB exam questions are indeed answerable and a candidate for software tester certification has the chance of perfecting the exam since all questions are based on the syllabus created by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. However, the examination would not be that all easy since some answers may necessitate to the use of some materials found in more than one section of the syllabus.

Yet don’t feel lethargic about this fact since the training providers and the training course itself will guide you in answering the exam questions correctly and of course when you do your part.

The foundation level exam is comprised of 40 multiple choice questions which would not be underrated by the candidates since these questions will definitely test your knowledge and comprehension of the whole syllabus for software tester. Besides, no less than 60% of the questions found in the exam must be answered correctly to be able to pass and get the certification. So, 25 or more questions is the target score of the candidate otherwise, the candidate fails. The people who will take the exam should be reminded that it is a closed book exam and this information doesn’t need more elaboration. A total of 60 minutes is given the aspirants to finish the exam.

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